Hawker Hunter

  [Patrouille Suisse]

Hawker Hunter - UK scheme  [UK scheme-XE655]

                                 [Miss Demeanour-Rainbow]

Hawker Hunter-Tiger Head-J-4053  [Tiger Head-J-4053]

                                 [UK scheme-WT588]

                                 [Fliegerstaffel J-4015]


Hawker Hunter - MK6 - XG204  [MK6-XG 204]

Double-Seater Hawker Hunter - Blue Diamonds [XL577]  [Blue Diamonds (XL577)  Double-Seater]

Hunter - TigerMeet - J-4206 [Double-Seater]  [TigerMeet (J-4206)  Double-Seater]

  [Landing Gear Set]


Scale - 1:6

Length - 234 cm

Wingspan - 171 cm

Turbine power recommended - 12~14 KG

Click Here to Download DerJet Hawker Hunter - Building Manual

Option scheme - Camouflage  [Patrouille Suisse], [UK scheme-XE655][UK scheme-WT588]
[Miss Demeanour-Rainbow][Tiger Head-J-4053], [Fliegerstaffel J-4015], [XE-601], [MK6-XG 204], 
[Blue Diamonds (XL577)  Double-Seater], [TigerMeet (J-4206)  Double-Seater]

A. Fuel tankcell, Pushrod, Hardwares package, Dual wall tailpipe.

B. Landing gear set - Retract, Struts [Hydrualic oleo leg], Wheels, Brakes.

C. Air kit - [Air tank, T-fitting], Air tube with 6 colors.

D. UAT, Fuel tube, Pick-up fitting, Fuel fitting.

E. Gear door cylinder.

F. Wing Tanks [Option].